Herbstpowwow Katowice 2014

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nichts los im Herbst -
hat jemand Info , wann das Herbstpowwow Katowice ist

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doch Herbstpowwow in Polen am 08.Nov 2014
am gleichen Ort wie voriges Jahr
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We are inviting all dancers and drum groups on 13th Autumn Powwow in Poland which will be on November 08th, 2014 in Pszczyna.

Sports Hall POSiR street Zamenhofa 5a
43-200 Pszczyna Poland - google map

Grand Entry Saturday November 08th, 2014 - 15:30
Flag Retreat - 22:00

Organizers: Bogdan Płonka & Barbara Kołodziej

Head Staff:
Host Drum: Star Horse Singers ( Poland )
Arena Directors: Bogdan Płonka, Barbara Kołodziej
Master of Ceremony: Dariusz Lipecki
Head Judge: Marek Ptasiński
Head Lady Dancer: Kamila Bienia-Borowska
Head Man Dancer: Radosław Borowski

Other Drums:
Maka Sapa Singers ( Poland )
Čangleska Nunpa Singers ( Czech Republic )
Wanbli Ohitika Singers ( Czech Republic )
Fürstenwalde ( Germany )

Organiser propose the individual contest - Hand Drum.
We are inviting all dancers and drum groups.

Fees: 5 € ( includes accommodation at the hall )
Traders 5 € per one table
Drum groups and children under 12: free

More info about this powwows or event on Facebook

Accommodation in sports hall( Pszczyna street Zamenhofa 5a ) from Friday (07.11 ) evening to Sunday (09.11 ) noon.
Please bring foam mattress and sleeping bag.
You are welcome to camp inside the Powwow Hall, but we have received a number of inquiries regarding other accommodation possibilities.
Four minutes walk away is the Hotel PTTK

Kontakt :
To direct all questions to Bogdan Plonka hehaka@interia.pl or mobile: +48 500250076

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whats a pity

2 powwow at the amse date next weekend
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LAST MINUTE ANNOUNCEMENT !!!...We have decided that during our autumn Pow Wow we will hold a QUILL AND BEADWORK ART CONTEST, which is the contest for the most beautiful handwork decorated with beads or a traditional quillwork. This may be part of your attire, other everyday object or anything else you would like to present, but it has to be made by means of quill or beadwork. Of course it would be best if the presented design referred to the Indian tradition. So, get your best works ready, bring them to the Pow Wow event and show them off to others. Who knows, maybe it is your work that will be recognized as the most beautiful of all."
Barbara Kołodziej & Bogdan Płonka
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Hello powwow folks. wish everyone who´s participating at the autumn katowice powwow 2014 a wonderful powwow weekend.
have a good one, good dancing and a good time together...
Bernhard PCD

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