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February 15, 2011

To whom it may concern,

We are The Western Abenaki Tribe in Vermont. It has been a very confusing state of Indian politics here with 5 wannabe “bands or tribes” that have no real connection genealogically to any known indian tribe. One of them was turned down on federal recognition by the BIA because of not having indian genealogy. We are 1200 genealogically documented Western Abenaki related to the Abenaki at Odanak in Canada, Fort St Frederick register and to all of the lands taken in Vermont and New Hampshire. We are connected with direct lineage to the “Robertson lease”, “Indian Springs”, “Indian Landing”, “King Phillips Grant”, (aka the “Bedell Deed”) and the “Indian Stream Republic”. We plan to apply for federal recognition as soon as possible. We ave retained a respected Indian attorney who has agreed to represent us, however we have NO land base and even less funds. As you are aware the cost to apply has grown due to the federal governments making the process so difficult and treacherous and the political attitudes of the western indians who feel that eastern indians are not indians. We are formally requesting the support of your organization. I am sure there are ways in which we can work together and cooperate. I have attached a narrative and budget for you to review. The federal grants will not allow for legal fees for recognition to be included in grants.. What we are looking for in funds is the attorney’s fees only. This amount is $250,000. We are confident that we can meet the other expenses even if we take no salaries and pay out of pocket for the expenses. It would be preferable to raise all that is needed. We are working on arrangements for office space in Newport. We would like to discuss this further with you at your earliest opportunity if you need any more information. We ask that any donations got to the Chief. We are tax deductable in the US not sure in other countries.

Respectfully JeffHill Planning and Development Abenaki Tribe

Chief, Richard Obomsawin Bernier
P.O. Box73
Coventry, Vermont 05825
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