A Canadian Wilderness Adventure


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A Canadian Wilderness Adventure

Beitrag von TheOjibwayIndian » So, 17. Nov 2013, 11:59

Hello or boozhoo (in my Ojibway words), I am an Ojibway Native Indian from Canada, I was raised traditionally, and was raised in the wilderness, with pow wows, hunting, trapping, fishing, and camping.
I am planning a trip this upcoming summer sometime in August, to spend a few weeks camping and living the traditional life in the Canadian wilderness where my treaty lies.
I am opening this trip up to new people, because I am hoping to make new friends from around the world especially friends in Europe, so far I have a few people interested,a part Sioux woman, and a Comanche Native man are interested in coming with me.
The idea for the trip is for people to make new friends, and experience my Ojibway culture, traditions, and lifestyle.
if you have any more questions regarding the trip please contact me. I would also be glad to add the interested people onto my facebook account.


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