16. Polnisches Herbst-Powwow in Poznań 2017

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von Dariusz
16th Autumn Powwow in Poland. Poznań 2017
We are most pleased to invite all dancers, drum groups and traders to the 16th Autumn Polish Powwow in Poznań.
The powwow will take place on Saturday, October 21st, 2017.
Place: Sports Hall at Group of Schools in Poznań, Tarnowska Street 27
google maps https://goo.gl/maps/7y8ddZwdnFp

Start to dancers applications to contests: 13.30
Drum Roll Call: 14:00
Grand Entry:15:00
Flag Retreat: 22:00

Organizer: Bieg Na Rzecz Ziemi :: Run For The Earth
Head Staff:
Masters of Ceremony: Dariusz Lipecki, Milko Jovic,
Arena Directors: Włodek Rybicki, Artur Zieliński,
Head Judge: Marek Ptasiński,
Head Man Dancer: Marcin Król
Head Lady Dancer: Kamila Bienia-Borowska
Host Drum: Maka Sapa Singers

Invited Drums:
Fürstenwalde (Germany)
Čangleska Nunpa Singers (Czech Republic)
Wanbli Ohitika Singers (Czech Republic)
Star Horse Singers (Poland)

Organiser proposes the individual contest Hand Drum.
Please, contact us, if you want to take part in this contest.

Costs of participation: 15 zł or 4 euro (includes accommodation at the hall)
- active dancers in contests - free
- members of drum groups - free
- children till 12 years old - free

Accommodation in the sports hall (Poznań, Tarnowska Street 27) from Friday (20.10) evening to Sunday (22.10) noon. Please bring foam mattress and sleeping bag.

No Alcohol!!! No Drugs!!!

To direct all questions to Krzysztof Myszak Mączkowski
e-mail: km@plusnet.pl mobile: +48 601 767 030

More info https://www.facebook.com/events/109705199585080/