10th Annual Autumn Powwow in Poland - Pszczyna 05.11.2011

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von Dariusz
Hello :)
Invitation on 10th Autumn PowWow in Pszczyna (Silesia of Poland).
We are inviting all dancers and drum groups on 10th Autumn Powwow which will be on 05 November 2011 in Pszczyna.

Sports Hall of the School No. 1 street Kazimierza Wielkiego 5
43-200 Pszczyna Poland - google map
(same place like last year)

Grand Entry Saturday 05 November 2011 at 15:30
Retreat around 22:00

Organizer : Bogdan Płonka
Host Drum : Maka Sapa ( Poland )
Master of Ceremony : Dariusz Lipecki
Arena Director : Bogdan Płonka
Arena Director : Zdzisław Wszołek
Head Man Dancer : Marek Ptasiński
Head Lady Dancer : Kamila Bienia-Borowska

Other Drum:
Dead Dog Singers ( Czech Republic )
Star Horse ( Poland )

Organiser propose the individual contest - Hand Drum. (for the first time in Poland)

We are inviting all dancers and drum groups.

Special guests at Powwow:
The Ride to Wounded Knee - A Song for the Horse Nation
Lakota Country Times - Kills Straight Selected To Bring Lakota Culture To World Equestrian Games
Oglala Sioux Parks & Recreation Authority
TIOKASIN GHOST HORSE - Cheyenne River Lakota
First Voices Indigenous Radio
STEVEN NEWCOMB - Shawnee / Lenape
Steven Newcomb - Short Biography
Steven Newcomb - The Guardian
LEROY CLIFFORD - Oglala Lakota
DAVE ARCHAMBAULT - Hunkpapa Lakota

More information about this powwows : http://www.huuskaluta.com.pl/jesienne_powwow_pszczyna_2011.php
Sleep-over possible in sports hall. ( Pszczyna street Kazimierza Wielkiego 5 ), please take your own sleeping-bags.

Kontakt :
To direct all questions to Bogdan Plonka hehaka@interia.pl or mobile: +48 500250076

Best regards :D

Re: 10th Annual Autumn Powwow in Poland - Pszczyna 05.11.201

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von Dariusz
Update of the list of special guests and drum groups.